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I’m Kim Victoria, the Creative Celt, Visual Language Mystic, co-founder and primary artist of Highlander Celtic Stamps and it’s great to welcome you here.

The purpose of this site is to provide you with creative tools, graphics, education and inspiration to help you have more fun and be more innovative with whatever medium or media you like to play in.

You have found the right place if you are a Creative Celt looking for:

Traditional Irish, Scottish, Welsh and other Celtic images as rubber stamps

•    Cards
•    Celtic Weddings
•    Dance event scrapbooks
•    PMC or Fimo® jewelry designs
•    Fine art applications
•    Let your imagination be your guide

Celtic clip art collections for your digital design needs

•    Mixed media layers and transfer images
•    Digital cards and scrapbooks
•    Web design elements
•    Graphic designs for programs, advertisements,business needs, etc.


Quick Tips, Tricks and Techniques Videos via the Creative Celts Newsletter and Blog

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The Creative Celts Club Webinars

•    Go deep with every idea and technique
demonstrated thoroughly
•    Be there live to ask YOUR questions
•    Learn new things and brush up on old favorites



8 Questions To Ask Yourself BEFORE Starting A Project
•    Get excited and motivated about your next project before you start,
•    use your time better, experience a more satisfying play time and final result

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Blessing upon you

Kim Victoria

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and Visual Language Mystic
Artist/Owner www.HighlanderCelticStamps.com