Mother’s Day Cards or Stop Selling Carnations

Mother’s Day: Stop Selling Those Damn Carnations You’d think that something as sweet and innocuous as Mother’s Day wouldn’t generate any controversy. Well, you’ve probably heard umpteen things about the commercialization of Christmas... [Read more...]

Beltane in brief

The ancient Celtic seasonal festival of Beltane (or Beltain) is the halfway mark between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. Beltane is associated with many important events in Irish mythology: For example, the Tuatha De Danann were... [Read more...]

Quick & Easy Rubber Stamped Tartan Paper

I have watched a few videos on ways to stamp your own Tartan Paper, but haven’t found any that do it my way, so I made a video. The rubber band technique shown in my video is really easy and versatile. I think you will discover and play with lots... [Read more...]

Sacramento Valley Scottish Games

The Friendly Games: Sacramento Valley Scottish Games & Festival is big enough to have everything and small enough to enjoy. Come to Woodland on April 26 - 27 this year to help the Caledonian Club of Sacramento celebrate their 139th year.... [Read more...]

Vintage Easter Eggs Card How-to

Vintage Easter Eggs with the Glendalough Celtic High Cross, Easter Card I love illustrated antique books. The photographs, engravings and drawings of books printed before 1900, and by early 20th century publishers that no longer exist, are... [Read more...]

So What’s Really in that Pot O’ Gold?

The Irish-Roman-British Little Guy By Kevin M. Lewis OK, you’re thinking, he must be talking about the leprechaun. But I thought that the leprechaun was just plain ol’ Irish. Well, not really. In the first place, the name is half Old Irish... [Read more...]

St Davids Day and Wearing Leeks

The Ancient roots of the Leek by Kathi Hennesey "One of the traditional ways that Welsh people celebrate their national pride on St. David's Day is by wearing a leek. There are two intriguing tales from Welsh lore about this custom, one taking... [Read more...]

The Strange HIstory of Valentines Day

I Heart St. Valentine Valentine’s Day is possibly the most worldwide of celebrations: heart-shaped candies and flowers are exchanged on Feb. 14th in the U.S., China, Brazil, Iran, and almost everywhere else on the planet. But originally, the... [Read more...]

Loving Images

Loving Images Do you recognize the double meaning of these words? As a rubber stamper - you LOVE images. You love to create with images, creating new composite images from a group of images. You love to collect images, because you are inspired... [Read more...]

Loch Ness Monster Helps Santa Deliver Gifts

I created a fun, playful Christmas card to celebrate the season and provide an idea for using 4 Highlander Celtic Stamps - 3 Nessies plus Nollaig Shona, the Irish or Scots gaelic Merry Christmas stamp. Very often we are able to create visual... [Read more...]

Faeries Playing With Snowflakes ATC/ACEO

A Creative Celt suggested pairing the Faerie Folk with the Celtic Snowflakes and I thought that a delightful idea. First I experimented with embossing inks and powders to see what might work best with the images. The Faeries didn't look good as... [Read more...]

Video – Celtic Snowflake Rubber Stamps a few ideas

Video - Celtic Snowflake Rubber Stamps a few ideas The Celtic Snowflake rubber stamps are only a week old and need to be played with. While there are so many possibilities, this starter group of ideas includes: wrapping paper and tag tag or... [Read more...]

Take a break and get some fresh air

I need to take a break from the office, sitting in front of the computer studying and writing, learning how to market and build my business. I need to relax, to shift into an artistic mode. So I'm having a cup of coffee on the deck on a... [Read more...]

Listen to the birds

Listen to the birds I heard the first White-Crowned Sparrows Today. I stopped to listen to their sweet song, a song that always brings back memories. Closing my eyes I yielded to the reverie allowing the transport to times in my childhood when... [Read more...]

Does the Loch Ness Monster have relatives in America?

Does Nessie has relatives in America? The Loch Ness Monster is Scotland's favorite cryptid (an animal not proven to exist) and Nessie isn't the only mysterious beastie in the world. It is fascinating to hear and read about how many there... [Read more...]