Fun Freebie Images 2017

Fun Freebie Images 2017

Fun Freebie Images were started in January 2016, and I am keeping this monthly surprise going.

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This year I plan to share:

  • Original art Coloring Cards to print, color, fold, send. These are my original art gift to you; but please don’t distribute.
  • background images I scanned from a 1912 cyclopedia and cleaned up in Photoshop. These are Public Domain.
  • Public Domain Maps of Celtic countries: Scotland, Ireland, Wales, British Isles
  • Digital art from my archive

Click on the NAME of the image for immediate access.

All images are larger than they appear in the cropped sample.

Original art clip-art Highlander Landscape, by Kim Victoria

Vintage 1912 images in color:

Exotic Birds


Cattle breeds

Horses image

Vintage 1912 Maps – Public Domain Images

Coloring Card Valentine’s Day Victorian Rose Color-a-Card PDF
The entire collection of Coloring cards, with special options, Gaelic and Welsh language for love greetings, and printing tips, is available at


Other cards from the collection not included in the Freebie offer: 


Box Pattern – made from 2 squares of paper. Use for small gifts, jewelry, treats, love notes, whatever. Decorate first with rubber stamps and coloring, fold, add embellishments, let your imagination have fun. Easy project.


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Thank you for your interest.

Happy stamping
Happy creating
Kim Victoria

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