Loving Images

Loving Images

Do you recognize the double meaning of these words?

As a rubber stamper – you LOVE images. You love to create with images, creating new composite images from a group of images. You love to collect images, because you are inspired by them and want to try more ideas. You love to see images created by fellow stamper artists, because they inspire and nurture the creative being you are.

As a loving person – you use images to create loving messages – you create “loving images” to send or sell. Those who receive your stamped art feel the love. When you demonstrate loving action like this you spread happiness and joy.

Valentines Day inspires loving images. I imagine that every stamp-making company has heart themed images in their collection, some have many. Whatever your style, there are stamps to suit your need to create loving images.

The bonus is that you don’t need to use these images for just Valentines Day. Hearts, flowers and words of love are useful all year long for Weddings, Anniversaries, Congratulations, Birth of a Baby, Romance, Birthdays, and Just Because. This is a great time of year to pick up heart theme stamps on sale, to use all year. If you live near a big-box craft store, be sure to stop in just after Valentines Day to take advantage of all the great craft stuff on sale at 40%, 50% and even 70% off. Hearts and pink paper never go out of style.

I did a search for a few fun Valentines items. AddictedToRubberStamps.com has some lovely images. I looked for “Candy Heart Rubber Stamps”, and found a few used ones on Ebay and Etsy. I am surprised by that, but it is one of the problems of rubber stamps – images are discontinued, and companies go out of business. Heroarts.com also has quite a few heart theme stamps http://heroarts.com/products/productInfo.cfm?ItemNo=CL655&subCat=P01  and this link will take you to a PolyClear heart set with candy hearts in it.

I gave myself one afternoon this week to play with paper, and did some paper weaving, something I enjoyed as a kid. The wavy weave looks like something from the 60s, and so it is. Try the ribbon weave for a more elegant look.

Happy Stamping,