a Scottish Clan Crest Badge rubber stamps FAQ

Scottish Clan Crest Badge rubber stamps FAQ

  • HELP to find your clan badge
  • Materials used
  • Scottish Games events
  • Clan name addition

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Scottish Clan Crest Badge rubber stamps FAQ

As a service to the Scottish Clan Societies I am offering clan crest badge stamps as both MOUNTED & UNMOUNTED.

Find your Clan in the Collection

To arrange images to alphabetical:

  • Click on the “hamburger bars” those 3 lines next to “Filter products/Scottish Clan Badge
  • Below the “SBC” check the circle by “Product Name”
  • Click on “Filter selected”

The images should now be in alphabetical order making it easier to find your clan crest badge.


The size of all Clan Badge stamps is 1-3/8″ wide X 1-3/4″ tall (3.5cm wide x 4.5cm tall)
Custom order stamps can be a different size.

No Clan Badge stamp found?

Currently I have designed/drawn 90 different clan badges. Not all designs are available in regular stock, yet are available as custom order stamps. I will custom create your clan badge for an artist’s fee in addition to the actual cost of the stamp. The total cost is a sliding scale based on how many individual stamps you wish to order. A few clans have commissioned me to manufacture their clan badge stamp as an exclusive for their store.

Email me with further inquiry. kimvictoria@highlandercelticstamps.com

Stamp Materials 

Most of the clan crest badge stamps are the same deeply etched quality red rubber as all our stamps. However, to keep all the designs in stock I am also having them made in clear polymer. These stamps will perform beautifully for you just like the red rubber.

Unmounted stamps are just the neatly trimmed red rubber (or polymer) no cushion, no wood mount.

Mounted stamps are the rubber + cushion + hard maple wood mount + index label on top.

Polymer Stamps

There are only a few differences between red rubber and polymer:

polymer is stickier than red rubber, in-other-words: it grabs ink more aggressively, so a light touch on the ink pad will do.

Avoid Staz-on ink with polymer stamps, it will dry them out causing cracking.

Never use alcohol to clean either rubber or polymer, glycerin is an ideal cleaner and conditioner, and is available at your drug store. A water damp rag may be all you need.

Scottish Games Events

Many buyers of the clan crest badge stamps use them only at Scottish Games. Keep your stamps and ink in a baggie to protect them and other items in your travel kit. MOST IMPORTANT keep all your stamps in the shade at all times – sunlight UV rays destroys rubber and polymer.

Clan Name Addition

REMEMBER to let me know if you want the standard society Clan Name added to your Badge Stamp – there is NO extra charge for this service. Custom spellings are NOT available, and I cannot guarantee availability of the name addition, although I do have most of the names. The name addition would go underneath the badge image. Thank you for your understanding.

Meaning of  “An Cirean Ceann Cinnidh”

The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs requests the use of these words with the badge image whenever there is a living Chief for that clan.

The translation figuratively means “I recognize the Chief as head of the clan”

The literal Gaelic translation and rough pronunciation:

“An” the = un, “Cirean” crest = kirin, “Ceann” head = keyow’n, “Cinnidh” a clan – keeñee

When the Standing Council first made this request I had already been making stamps without the “ACCC”, therefore, the stamp you order may or may not have this addition, as inventory allows. You may request the “ACCC” to be removed, if you prefer. But I cannot guarantee I’ll have a stamp WITH the “ACCC” at any given time.

The Artwork

To honor the copyright of all previous and current artists who are also designing clan crest badges, all the artwork you see here is my, Kim Victoria’s, original art rendering of the heraldic device as described by the specific society itself, the Collins Encyclopedia, the Fairbairn’s Book of Crests, and/or the McLaren Book of Crests.

Kim Victoria, artist/owner/wearer of all hats

©Highlander Celtic Stamps

All stamped samples shown here are not included in the sale and they are by Kim Victoria or other artist/collectors of Highlander Celtic Stamps, used here by permission and copyrighted by the artists.

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