Ultra Clean Rubber Stamp Cleaner Kit


  • The Ultimate Craft Cleaner Kit for Clear & Rubber Stamps
  • Cleans even the most difficult stamping and craft inks
  • Includes a Scrubber Cube for any size stamp or surface

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Developed by Stewart Superior, Ultra Clean™ is the most effective stamp cleaner ever developed. Perfect for cleaning clear and rubber stamps. Ultra Clean™ will clean your stamps so well that you can go from stamping dark inks to light inks without worrying about the dark ink affecting the lighter shades. Ultra Clean™ also keeps your stamp scrubber clean by washing most of the ink out of the scrubber when rinsed with water.

For best results, spritz Ultra Clean™ on a stamp scrubber pad. Rub stamp on scrubber to clean (or flip the stamp over and scrub the mini scrubber on the stamp until you see it is clean). Then wipe cleaner off stamp using the dry side of a larger scrubber pad or other dry surface, such as a cotton rag or old T-shirt material. Repeat if necessary. Rinse scrubber pad with water to clean.

Kim here – I love this cleaning formula and highly recommend it. Remember – a clean stamp is a happy stamp and makes for a happy stamper. This cleaner saves you time and prevents disappointment, because it is so effective.

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Weight 5 oz

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