Rubber Stamping with Bubble Wrap 1 – video

Rubber Stamping with Bubble Wrap 1 – video

I love bubble-wrap!

NOT for packaging – well, I do LIKE bubble-wrap for packaging, but today I am talking about using bubble-wrap as a stamping tool.

Watch my new video to see:

  • different types & sizes of bubble-wrap
  • printing backgrounds with bubble-wrap popped & un-popped
  • creating parchment paper with bubble-wrap
  • edging with bubble-wrap

Now that I’ve set up the studio for video again, I will make a couple more how-tos with bubble-wrap as it is my favorite multi-purpose tool for:

  • antiquing & foxing
  • edging
  • swiping & rubbing
  • texturing
  • shading
  • special effects
  • mixed media uses

Bubble-wrap is FREE.
You can get the different types:

  • wrapped around something you order in the mail
  • computer repair shops get unusual types
  • gift shops
  • ask at your local businesses for pieces
  • save bubble envelopes, cut open and use

Bubble-wrap takes up little space and is easy to clean:

  • store dry bubble-wraps in a baggie
  • keep a 4” x 4” piece handy in your craft space
  • water-based inks wash off in the sink with just water (air drying make take awhile since water can get inside popped bubbles)
  • permanent inks aren’t a problem since so little ink sticks to the wrap, but ink cleaners work fine, too. I re-use a “dirty” piece of bubble-wrap for permanent inks and don’t get any transfer of colors.

Bubble-wrap is non-absorbent, so your inks go on the paper instead of soaking into a sponge-type applicator – saves ink. Also, ink stays wet longer on bubble-wrap.

Bubble wrap is free, easy to use, versatile, easy to store, and sure to enhance your  paper crafting experience.

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Kim Victoria

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image of bubble wrap with prints

Different sizes and types of bubble wrap offer lots of possibilities for textural enhancements.

Highlander defender rubber stamp used on a card

Parchment-like paper effect created with bubble-wrap. See YouTube video “Rubber Stamping Bubble Wrap1” for how-to