Fun Freebie Images 2016

Fun Freebie Images 2016 I added Fun Freebie Images in January 2016 If you like these Freebies please LIKE and share this post, comment and let me know you want me to continue offering them. This first year offering included: original... [Read more...]

Loch Ness Monster Helps Santa Deliver Gifts

I created a fun, playful Christmas card to celebrate the season and provide an idea for using 4 Highlander Celtic Stamps - 3 Nessies plus Nollaig Shona, the Irish or Scots gaelic Merry Christmas stamp. Very often we are able to create visual... [Read more...]

Video – Celtic Snowflake Rubber Stamps a few ideas

Video - Celtic Snowflake Rubber Stamps a few ideas The Celtic Snowflake rubber stamps are only a week old and need to be played with. While there are so many possibilities, this starter group of ideas includes: wrapping paper and tag tag or... [Read more...]