Scottish Athletes – Highland Games

'Tis The Season for Scottish Athletes   As we head into the summer months, it’s peak season for Highland Games. Because of the Scottish diaspora, we're fortunate that they’re found not only in Scotland, but all over the world where... [Read more...]

Celtic Mandala of the Field – Day 10 Coloring

When I drew Celtic Mandala of the Field Flowers, I was thinking about how the pattern reminded me of nature and flowers. The design was inspired by a leather shield I saw at the Culloden Memorial Museum, Scotland, back in 2001. I had made a tiny... [Read more...]

Sacramento Valley Scottish Games

The Friendly Games: Sacramento Valley Scottish Games & Festival is big enough to have everything and small enough to enjoy. Come to Woodland on April 26 - 27 this year to help the Caledonian Club of Sacramento celebrate their 139th year.... [Read more...]