Video Celtic Valentine Coloring Cards

Video presentation by Kim Victoria to introduce the Celtic Valentine Coloring Cards collection, and show a few ideas for coloring and layering.

Featured is her design inspired by the Lindisfarne Gospels, written before or around 700 AD.

A Bishop Eadfrith of Lindisfarne is believed by scholars to have been the one who wrote the gospels, including all the embellished folios (pages), however it would have been before he became a bishop, which is a role full of travel and preaching. It would have taken at least 2 years of continuous work to design and complete the book. Other records indicate that 3 other contributors helped to complete the volume: one to bind it, one to make the casing, and one who inserted an Anglo-Saxon translation of the Latin two centuries later. These gospels were made to honour Saint Cuthbert.

Ancient gospels are remarkable for many reasons:

  • They were written on animal skin parchment, upon which no mistakes could be made – ever.
  • The precision of lines, designs and lettering were done with, what we would call today, primitive tools.
  • The design principles were considered impossible to reproduce until George Bain, during the Victorian era, decoded the methods of construction. The artwork of all gospels has inspired thousands of artisans and craftspeople ever since.
  • All the colors were plant-based dyes, and retain their brightness to this day.
  • The work was done by sunlight or candlelight, in, most likely, very cold conditions. Monks were skilled craftsmen, and had good chairs and desks on which to work; but nothing like we have today.

The Books of Durham, Durrow, Lindisfarne, Saint Chad, Trier, Canterbury, and, of course, the magnificent Book of Kells, are all rich resources of visual art to study, as well as spiritual writings.

What remains of the monastery of Lindisfarne is on Holy Island off the coast of Northumberland, northeast England, which today is used for fishing and a thriving tourist industry.

Be sure to visit the Pinterest Board to see examples of the colored cards:  PINTEREST

The video runs about 4 minutes