History & Originality Combined to Give You Unique Rubber Stamps

Highlander Graphics & Celtic Stamps was created by Kim Victoria and T. E. Watson, wife and husband team, in 1996 to provide images to the Scottish, Irish, Welsh and overall Celtic interest community around the world. The goal continues to be to provide both classic images and original art.

The art rubber stamps were introduced in 1997 and have since been collected and used by crafters and artists in over 20 countries worldwide, to create visual treats from cards to jewelry and beyond.

Kim Victoria’s drawings are frequently praised for accurate depiction of the subjects they represent. The other contributing artists add their own unique style and perspective to all things Celtic. By having several artists’ works, Highlander Celtic Stamps offers customers more variety and choices for their stamping pleasure.

Etsy limits the size of the Shop Name, so please know that Highlander Stamps and Highlander Celtic Stamps are one and the same.

Kathi Hennesey, owner of Triskelt Shops, has been co-collaborator and business partner with Kim for years. They put their heads together almost every week to keep the stamps and ideas flowing to you.

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Kim Victoria photo

The Artist/Owner Kim Victoria

Fine Artist, Graphic Artist, Painting With Intention Artist Teacher & Coach
Award-winning Artist and Artist Coach, Kim Victoria, believes in the rejuvenating power of having fun with your art and crafts, whatever medium or style you work. Rubber stamps, and coloring books & cards, are definitely fun arts.
Kim designed most of the stamps in the collection, and does all of the manufacturing by hand (except for the rubber pressing, a very specialized job, which is done by Jim of Circustamps.com). Kim also does all the computer work involved in the company, and makes most of the sample cards seen on the site.
Drawing has been a major part of Kim’s artistic output throughout her life, so creating Celtic clip-art and rubber stamps was an interesting adventure into entrepreneurship that started in 1996. Her classic training in art comes through in her designs.
Kim has an extensive background in Old Masters of Art training, and is fascinated with the subtle nuances of seeing, drawing and painting, with hidden geometries and “new eyes.”
Currently, Highlander Celtic Stamps is only a part of Kim’s focus of creation, as she spends much of her time painting and teaching fine art. The stamps find their way into her art, as well.

RETIREMENT for the rubber stamps company is on the horizon. The last pressing of stamps happened in September 2020 and when that batch of stamps is sold out that will be all. Kim is transitioning to full-time painting and teaching.


Kathi Hennesey & Triskelt

Triskelt is a family owned and run business, combining two passions: Celtic culture and a family heritage of expression through artwork, crafting and Irish dance. The three spirals represent the three generations that have contributed to our artwork and focus. Their 12+ years of involvement in the world of Irish dance and music is reflected in many of their items. Kathi is an Irish dancer and teacher.
2006 was the year Kathi started purchasing Highlander Celtic Stamps to sell in her Triskelt shops online. A wonderful friendship grew between Kim and Kathi, which led to more and more collaboration and sharing of the sales and marketing tasks, as well as simply being there to talk and support each other.
Both families are strong animal lovers. Kathi and family are owned by an energetic and passionate loving Doberman Pinscher and 3 cats, or is it 4, or 5 (it depends on if they are foster-caring for kittens, who might become a family member, too). Kim and Tom currently have 6 cats, a Siamese, a fluffy Calico, a black & white spotted girl and 3 of her children who didn’t find homes of their own. Kim’s cat art stamps were inspired by family cats of the past.
You are encouraged to visit the Triskelt sites to see the variety of Celtic jewelry items, as well as a resource for Mounted rubber stamps from Highlander Celtic Stamps, yet life changes have prevented her from keeping up stock. If you want mounted stamps please reach out to Kim via the Etsy message function, or from this website.
Bi-lingual English – French (Francais)


Our Other Artists


Amaji Fox

Amaji Fox charms children and adults alike with her enchanting Faerie Art. Amaji is an accomplished artist in drawing, pen and ink, watercolor and oils. All her work is imbued with her deep connection with Nature
A set of interactive faerie stamps designed especially for Highlander Celtic Stamps, invites you to create a whimsical world of faerie fun where faeries live in mushroom houses and dance with butterflies. With these dear little faerie stamps you too can create your own faerie magic.  May the faeries be with you!
You may contact her at: afoxintheforest (at) gmail.com

Steve Ferchaud

Steve Ferchaud (see his photo in the header) drew the Scottish Gnomes collection for Highlander Celtic Stamps. Steve has illustrated over 30 Children’s books, numerous product labels, contributed to magazines and newspapers, won several art awards and is sought after as a free-lance illustrator. He’s illustrated 6 T.E. Watson children’s books, with 3 more on the way.

Steve’s art speaks for itself, please visit:

April Pedersen

April is the artist contributor of her humorous depictions of Scotland’s beloved Nessie. April is an experienced illustrator and rubber stamp designer, having provided images for the Stamp Pad company, Viva Las Vegas Stamps, Cow Town (Wisconsin), and Paper Hollow.